Basic Blackjack Strategy


If you love playing blackjack, but don’t know what to do when you get a low hand, then you can always use some basic strategy to make sure you’ll always win! There are many ways to increase your chances of winning by doubling your bet, and this can be a profitable option if you have the confidence to beat the dealer. To double down your bet, simply place a bet equal to twice your original wager, and you can even increase your bet by as much as two times.

Basic strategy

The basic strategy in blackjack consists of three major decisions – hit or stand, split or double, and surrender. The strategy also calls for maintaining the order of cards on the table, a task that is difficult to accomplish without the help of a good blackjack strategy guide. The following are some of the most common and useful basic blackjack strategy rules:

Side bets

If you’re a newcomer to blackjack, you might be wondering if side bets are worth it. You may be confused about the difference between basic blackjack and side bets, but the truth is, most blackjack games offer at least a few of these bets. You can make them in order to increase your odds of winning, but they are not actually strategies. Instead, you should focus on basic strategy and card counting to make the most money.

Probability of a blackjack

The probability of winning a blackjack hand is based on a set of known variables. Although it can’t predict the exact outcomes, probability can help you make the best play at a blackjack table. A blackjack hand has a chance of winning based on the probability of each individual outcome. Assuming that each individual is equally likely to receive a blackjack, the probability of the dealer pulling the winning hand is one-tenth of one percent.


When you are dealt a hand in blackjack, you may be wondering if doubling-down is a good move. The decision to double-down is usually made by more advantageous players to increase the amount of adrenaline they have. If you do this correctly, it is a great way to increase the amount of money you can win at a blackjack game. But, do remember that doubling-down is not a sure-fire strategy.


Blackjack splitting is a useful mathematical trick in the game of blackjack. It will allow you to split a pair of hands when you have two pairs that are equal in value. In other words, splitting your hands will increase your chances of winning and maximize your profits. Before you decide to split your hands, it is important to understand the rules of blackjack splitting and how to properly signal to the dealer. Depending on the type of hand, you may be able to split several times, but the odds of splitting are lower than in traditional blackjack games.


In most blackjack games, you are given the option to take the Insurance bet. While many players like to opt for Insurance, many experienced blackjack players advise against doing so, as it can quickly wipe out a bankroll. To avoid this, you should learn how to apply a good Insurance strategy. However, if you are not an experienced card counter, it is recommended to never place an Insurance bet. You should also avoid putting a large amount of money on an Insurance bet if you haven’t studied enough strategies.