MMA Betting

mma betting

Betting on MMA fights can be a fun and profitable venture for those who have the proper betting strategy. Unlike most sports, MMA offers a variety of different betting options, including prop bets and live wagering. These wagers can increase your winnings by a significant margin. Before you place a bet, it is important to understand the rules and to learn which factors to consider and which ones to ignore. The key to a successful MMA bet is accurate handicapping of the fights. This can be done by researching the fighters’ records, skills, fighting styles, and performance history.

MMA betting includes a number of popular bet types, such as moneyline bets and over/under bets. Moneyline bets are bets on a fighter’s probability of winning the fight, with positive and negative numbers indicating the odds for each fighter. A negative number indicates a heavy favorite, while a positive number means an underdog. The higher the odds, the greater the payout if the fighter wins.

Over/under bets in MMA betting are based on the expected length of the fight as set by the oddsmakers. Bettors place bets on whether the fight will go over or under the total number of rounds set by the oddsmakers. This type of bet is more complicated than a moneyline bet, as it requires more precise selections.

Another popular bet type in MMA is the method of victory bet. This bet allows bettors to place wagers on how a fight will be won, with options such as KO, TKO, submission, or judge decision. Depending on the fighters’ stance, a bet on a particular stance can provide an advantage, as orthodox fighters are often disadvantaged against southpaw opponents.

Another way to bet on a fight is through a parlay, which combines multiple individual wagers into a single bet with a higher payout. This type of bet is especially useful in MMA, where it is possible for the underdog to win a fight. For example, a bet on Henry Cejudo over Gregor Gillespie and Yancy Medeiros would pay out $260 if all of the individual picks came true. However, be sure to limit your parlays to three picks to reduce the chances of losing your money. Also, be sure to check local laws regarding the legality of MMA betting before placing your wagers.